Purchase Art

Throughout the duration of his career as an artist, Brett has regularly produced a variety of art works and related experiences from his studio which have always been available for purchase by both established collectors and institutions as well as individuals just begining to collect art, or quite simply desiring a unique piece of art to hang in their home or office. Either way art buying and collecting is a very personal experience and Brett would love to help facilitate the acquistions of his work. Currently, their are two ways to two acquire work from Brett:

1. brettsy.com is the permier online retailer for all things Brett Walker. Here you can find Limited Edition Gallery Prints and other unique art works and products from Brett's personal archive and studio. 

2. streetmounts.com sells finished Artist Prints from Brett's vast archive of nearly 20 years of picture making. Streetmounts come as Archival Inkjet Prints, mounted to wood and finished in Custom Oak Trim. Available in 3 sizes, StreetMounts come shipped with a French Cleat for quick and easy hanging.